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There is a growing number of job boards, search engines for jobs, and social media groups for jobs, so it is much easier now to promote job openings to thousands of job seekers. Many of the sites allow you to advertise open jobs at meager prices, thus saving you thousands of dollars during the hiring processes. Our job site has put together a comprehensive list of 35 of the best low price job posting sites in the United States, so recruiters can experiment with different ways and resources used to attract new candidates. Some of the places in this list allow HR professionals and recruiters to post unlimited job ads in a single package, an account, while others require an account or trial to post jobs or search resumes. We have classified these job sites into two categories: General-purpose job boards Specialized job boards USA General job boards Most job boards serve one primary purpose: They’re a central place for recruiters and employers to post, promote, and fill new job openings. 1. Discover thousands of job offers in Alabama on Alabamajobfinder. The job site has the largest database of job seekers in Alabama. Recruiters can post jobs for 30-45 days that are distributed to another job site in the Avacko job network. 2 . is a popular job board where employers and recruiters post jobs targeting job seekers from every corner of the United States. The job site offers low rates to post jobs for up to 60 days. 3. AZJobscareers boasts a network of more than 2,000 recruiters across several sectors, including IT, HR, sales, and healthcare across Arizona and neighboring states. Thousands of businesses use the site to promote new job posts and connect with talent. The site serves over 10,000 members across Arizona, and it reaches a social media audience of 1 million job seekers. Jobs posted on the website can also be shared free of charge on their Facebook page and group. 4. CaJobsHunt is a California job board serving job seekers in California. HR departments and recruiters post jobs at low, low rates. Employers post an unlimited number of vacancies to the job board. There are over half a million job seekers active on the site, and employers can view their resumes online and find the best candidates for their open job positions. Job seekers can post resumes and set up job alerts for free 5 . Coloradojobfinder is a Colorado job board serving job seekers across Colorado. HR departments and recruiters post jobs at low, low rates. Employers post an unlimited number of vacancies to the job board. There are over a thousand job seekers active on the site, and employers can view their resumes online and find the best candidates for their open job positions. Job seekers can post resumes and set up job alerts for free 6. Floridajobscareers caters to the job search needs of thousands of job seekers in Florida. The website harnesses the power of syndication to streamline the recruitment process. Recruiters can create an unlimited number of open job postings, which can then shared with up to 20 different job boards, including sites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Trovit, and Indeed. 7. GeorgiaUSAjobs is a job board located in Atlanta, Georgia. The site is open recruiters to post to its expansive recruiting network for a small fee. Vacancies advertised on the site are made available on job websites and distributed to thousands of job search engines. 8.  IljobsCareers Located in Chicago, Illinois, Illinois serves the labor requirements of employers and recruiters in the midwest. In contrast with other job boards, Iljobscareers's recruitment tools are many. There is an applicant tracking system to help with the recruitment process. recruiters can email applicants while on the site 9.  IndJobSearch IndJobSearch is another midwest job board that serves the people of Indiana and the neighboring states. This site was created to simplify the recruiting process. Recruiters access to all of its features — posting jobs, sorting through an of candidates, and setting up interviews. 10.  MarylandJobfinder Marylandjobshunt is boats of thousands of jobs posted by recruiters and employers in Maryland. Marylandjobshunt 's website benefits from 2000,000 unique visitors every month and allows employers to post to one of 60 industry-specific job boards. The site offers a free trial for ten days to use. 11. MassJobshunt caters to job seekers and recruiters living in the state of Massachusetts. For employers looking to hire in United America, Marylandjobshunt provides a simple process for sharing new job openings with thousands of potential candidates. In addition to cheap job posting rates, the site aggregates millions of employee resumes from over 115,000 partners and private databases.  12 . Minnesotajobfinder caters to the recruitment needs of people living in Minnesota. Over a quarter-million users to find top talent. Recruiters and hiring managers can use the site's full-service offerings for over ten days. The test allows for job postings and distribution to over 100 employment sites. 13 . The state of Missouri has a cheap job board to post jobs and resumes as well. Recruiters can post unlimited jobs when they purchase one of their advertising packages. The company provides access to all of its features like Applicants tracking system, ability to contact candidates, posting jobs, and setting up interviews . 14.  MichiganJobHunt MichiganJobhunt helps job seekers in Michigan find jobs from across the state. The site allows recruiters to post an unlimited number of job openings to dozens of hiring websites. Organizations can increase the number of applications they receive for an open job by 500% by having the posts featured on the home page. 15.  NCJobsCareers NCJobsCareers offers job posting services to employers and recruiters in the great state of North Carolina. Job ads are charged a meager fee Employers and job seekers who sign up to the website have access to a wealth of information about the companies with open roles.  16.  NJJobhunt   Located in New Jersey, NJJobhunt lets you create one job posting that is distributed to 100 job boards in its network. This gives companies total exposure to millions of job seekers at once. If your organization doesn’t hire very often or wants to try a few different places to post jobs, this website will be a good fit with a good option to experiment. 17.  Nyjobscareers It can be an expensive exercise recruiting in the state of new york. Nyjobscareers promises to lower your recruitment costs. The site promises to help recruiters locate the right candidates, no matter where they are in the state of New York. With over 250,000 monthly job seekers using the site, the site lets hiring managers advertise their vacancies for seven days. On top of their hiring tools, they also provide free recruitment information and advice that might prove useful for small businesses just beginning to scale up their hiring. 18.  OhioJobsCareers  OhioJobsCareers caters to the recruitment needs of people living in Ohio. Over a quarter-million users to find top talent. Recruiters and hiring managers can use the site's full-service offerings for over ten days. The test allows for job postings and distribution to over 100 employment sites. 19.  PennStateJobhunt The state of Pennsylvania has a cheap job board to post jobs and resumes as well. Recruiters can post unlimited jobs when they purchase one of their advertising packages. The company provides access to all of its features like Applicants tracking system, ability to contact candidates, posting jobs, and setting up interviews 20. Southcarolinajobsearch caters to the needs of job seekers and recruiters in the great state of South Carolina. The site has the advantage of low rates and benefits from 1000,000 unique visitors every month and allows employers to post jobs 1-3 categories 21.  TennJobsearch TennJobsearch offers job postings to all recruiters and employers in Tennessee. The job site receives thousands of resumes from new job seekers each month, allowing employers and recruiters to pinpoint great candidates only by using the filters available on the website. 22. TxJobsCareers TxJobsCareers caters to the needs of job seekers and recruiters in the great state of Texas. The site has the advantage of low rates and benefits from 1000,000 unique visitors every month and allows employers to post jobs 1-3 categories 23.  Virginiajobshunt If you live in the state of Virginia or plan to move there, then one of the best resources to search for a job is Virginiajobhunt. The site provides a simple recruitment process for employers and recruiters. Recruiters can share new job openings with thousands of potential candidates. 24.  Washington State jobs has job listings from employers and recruiters. The website is designed to help employers find job seekers to fill job openings quickly at less expense. Recruiters can choose between posting job ads that are public either 30 or 45 days or can search directly for potential hires via a database of resumes. 25. If you live in the state of Wisconsin or plan to move there, then one of the best resources to search for a job is Wisconsinjobfinder. The site provides a simple recruitment process for employers and recruiters. Recruiters can share new job openings with thousands of potential candidates. 26.  ConstructionJobshunt This site is the home for construction jobs across the United States. Job seekers can apply to construction workers, pipefitter, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters,, and construction managers jobs. 27.  Ebberhealthjobs Search Healthcare jobs on ebberhealthjobs. The site promises that you will get the right healthcare job after reading company ratings & salaries. The site brings together physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, lab technicians, physician assistants, and other allied healthcare workers with healthcare employers and a network of recruiters. 28.  Hospitalityjobshunt At Hospitalityjobhunt, the largest hospitality careers site, you can search thousands of hotel, restaurant, and resort jobs. All job seeker data is only available to registered employers and recruiters 29. Liveitjobs Liveitjobs specialized job board designed to help recruiters fill IT jobs from across the United. The site boasts a network of over two hundred and fifty thousand candidates, with recruiters receiving over two million responses each year. After registering on the site and creating your free resume, you can search for 70000+ job openings from tech's hottest employers. You can also use the Salary estimations, career path tips, and Insights to make your next career move in the tech industry. Browse jobs such as Technician, Network Operations Technician, Security Engineer, and more. The site's job posts are visible for 30-45 days, helping employers reach their audience effectively. 30.  Marketingjobshunt At Marketigjobshunt, you can search thousands of professional marketing, sales, and advertising jobs from across the United States. You can find all job levels from entry to executive positions. You can find marketing jobs that offer remote work options, freelance contracts, part-time or flexible schedules. After creating a free resume, you can apply to such positions as market coordinator, entry-level sales representative, marketing manager, and more! This jobsite is a recruitment tool that brings marketing students, new marketing graduates, and employers into a single job board. 31.  Maxmedicaljobs Maximedicaljobs helps job seekers find physician jobs in all specialties in every USA state. You can easily create an account and apply with a single click. Recruiters use this top source for physician jobs to find their next physician hire. Search by state and specialty, including internal medicine, family medicine, etc 32. Nursingjobhunt Nursingjobhunt is a jobsite for nurses searching for jobs in the united states. Here job seekers can apply to positions such as Registered Nurse, Registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical, Registered Nurse - Infusion, and more! 33. Discover thousands of jobs in engineering in the U.S by visiting the job board The jobsite has the largest database of the best engineering jobs for engineers. Find every engineering job available in the United States anywhere on the web. Companies that use the site range from SMBs to Fortune 500s, attracting the next generation of top talent engineering and fill internship opportunities. 34.  Retailjobhunt If you are looking for jobs in the retail sector in the United States, then the website retailjobhunt is for you. Job seekers can search for positions such as Retail Sales Associate, Front End Associate, Stocker, and more! Search Retail jobs. Get the right Retail job with company ratings & salaries. 34.  Salesjobshunt Salesjobshunt is a job board specifically for jobs in sales. Job seekers can apply to jobs such as Sales Associate, Insurance Agent, Direct Sales Representative, and more! Recruiters are free to browse a database of resumes for job seekers looking for sales jobs across the United States.  36.  Securityjobshunt This jobsite offers a security job database for job seekers across the United States. Job seekers can apply to such jobs as security officers, security specialists, secure drivers, and more! Job seekers can rate security companies, the benefits that they offer while posts display salary range applicants know whether a position is temporary, part-time, or permanent. 37.  Warehousejobsearch Warehousejobsearch is a specialist job site for USA warehouse jobs. Job seekers can apply to warehouse worker jobs, material Handler, order picker jobs, and more! Employers seeking job candidates with warehouse skills can post a job at cheap rates and ensure potential applicants know whether a position is temporary, part-time, or permanent plenty of options.
How to stretch your salary like a pro We have all been there. We have all found ourselves without a cent in our pockets on the last days of the month, yet we never seem to know where all the money went to. In a world where the  global  economy deteriorates more and more each day, everyone should know how to manage their money in an efficient manner. It does not matter the amount of money we make, if we know how to manage it, we will be able to stretch it without being financial experts. Is this really possible? The secret to saving money is –pause for dramatic effect- establishing priorities. But how do we know what to give priority to? If your hard-earned money is vanishing at the end of the month like magic, it is time to sit down and evaluate your expenses once and for all. Planning has to become a monthly or even a daily routine for messy spenders. First of all, there are three things that must be taken into account: income, debt, and expenses. The easiest part is establishing our income, the rest will be like seeing our worst nightmares come true, but it will be over soon. No one actually likes knowing how much money they spend each month, but the good thing about planning is that we can figure out how not to bleed out our bank accounts each month and maybe even save up to a 10% for that beach trip you are dying to take. The experts have spoken, and they recommend we divide our income this way: 30-35% for living expenses (including utilities). 16-20% for food and groceries. Invest 17-19% in transportation (including insurance, gas and public transportation). 5-7% for clothes and services (including dry-cleaning, washing, and drying). Invest 5-9% in health (insurance, pharmacy expenses, etc.). 3-6% for entertainment (it cannot be all work and no play). Save 2% - 10%. For miscellaneous expenses like newspapers, education, personal grooming, contributions, etc. destine about 7% to 12% depending on your other expenses. Once we have a clear vision of where our money is going, it will definitely be easier to organize and follow our parameters each month, until we get a constant flow on our bank accounts. There are thousands of useful apps to help us get our prioritizing on (Daily Budget for iPhone, for example), but the most important thing is taking that first step towards economic stability. All we have to do is reach out and take it.
Are you one of those employees who works extra hours every day? Do you sleep with your smartphone? Do you check your email at night and on weekends? Do you feel it is necessary? If your answer is yes, you are probably wrong. Working extra hours is not beneficial for either the employer or the company unless it is completely and utterly necessary. What we really need to figure out is how to organize our time efficiently to be able to improve our performance in the workplace. In order to make this happen, you just need to follow these five simple steps:  Wake up a bit earlier.  You will have more time to organize your pending tasks and you will definitely have a more productive day. Make the most out of your day! Plan your daily tasks by giving priority to the most complicated ones.  Always put the most important and complicated tasks first. Our concentration is always better during the morning and we have more energy. Leaving those tasks for the end of the day can be counterproductive due to the fact that, by the end of the working day, fatigue takes over, which can even lead to making mistakes. Rest from time to time.  Every two hours or so, get up from your chair, stretch, walk across the office, go get some water, talk with your coworkers about subjects that are not job-related and then get back to work. Delegate responsibilities.  If you have a team that you trust, try to delegate some of
#1 Why Should I Hire You? You might think you are prepared to answer this one but the truth is, you are not! Don’t say how awesome you are or how you have superpowers. This question is secretly about the job description. All you need to do is a tie in the job description. (DO YOUR HOMEWORK) with your actual skills and knowledge that make it critical for you to be chosen. Use experiences from college, internships or past jobs to show how these skills were critical in your tasks back then. They should hire you because you can do that particular job not because you are great as an overall employee. Show your uniqueness.   #2: I am seeing a gap in your resume It is not a secret if you got fired or couldn’t find a suitable job after you quit the last one. Unemployment exists and your recruiter knows about it. Be honest, say you spent that time productively caring for your family, reading, taking online courses nor even working freelance. They don’t care about actual employment records, no one wants to hire someone who just spent their unemployed time on the couch in front of the TV in their Pajamas.   #3: Tell Me About Yourself Weekend activities don’t count here, you can’t really be irrelevant or boring when talking about yourself. You have these four areas to cover: Early years (pass by them quickly) then go to education then internship/employment history and then go to your most recent job and focus there. This question usually comes up in the beginning in the form of an introduction. So make it quick, direct and very much short.   #4: Why Did you Leave Your Last Job? Whatever you say, don’t talk badly about your former boss, manager or coworkers. It is not for fear of them knowing, it is because, that even if they were THAT horrible, it shows you take things too personally and have a hard time letting go. It also shows you didn’t really face your problems in the first job but basically chose the easy way out which is quitting. Need a better answer to this question?   #5: Have you ever had a conflict with a boss? Don’t say no. We have all had conflicts with bosses/managers. Just say “I remember one or two conflicts. Nothing big. We had disagreements and I always worked hard to not take it personally and worked on listening to the other person’s point of view and try to find mutual ground for the benefit of the company. It is not about who wins a fight.”   #6: What is your greatest weakness? Please don’t say binge-watching soap operas. That is not the point behind this question. You will find people advising you to take one point of strength in your character and saying it is a weakness. Also wrong because it shows you are deceiving the interviewer. Instead, say something like “I have had trouble in the past with planning and punctuality. However, I’m now working on fixing this with this new app that makes sure I never miss an appointment and arrive on time.” Then show them the actual app on your phone. You are human, you make mistakes and you have weaknesses. The interviewer knows that. He/She will appreciate it when you talk about a true weakness and show what you are doing to overcome it.   #7: You moved between three jobs in a year. Why should I hire you? “Well, I may have left three jobs in a year. But I would rather not be employed than be employed at a place where I don’t have room to grow, show my ideas and create some real change and take a company to the next level. The worst thing at a job is the part of knowing you are not going anywhere or worse, you are not taking the company anywhere. I know my path and I feel my position here will really help me take this company to the next level.” Then start talking some brilliant ideas for that department. See how you took a very negative question into a very positive place?   #8: What are your strengths? Be accurate. Choose the strengths that you actually possess. Don’t pick an answer that worked for a friend or a family member. Be original. Be Relevant, Use the job description advertised to work for you. Be specific. Don’t say “people skills” but say “persuasive communication.” And Be prepared to demonstrate.   #9: Why do you want this job? Very simply. Study the job description beforehand, then show how your skills match; Show your enthusiasm for the job and try to show how you would fit into the workplace culture.   #10: What attracted you to this company? Again and again, do your homework about the company before the interview. Use your information about the company to create phrases about why it is attractive to you. Don’t also forget to tie it in with the industry the company is within. Admire the products and services or a company’s marketing effort for an example. Just show you know the company. Saying it is close to where you live is not a good reason to want a vacancy.   #11: When were you most satisfied with your job? A simple example: “I worked hard to become a marketer and I enjoy putting those skills to work”. It is not about salary, benefits or things to expect from the company. It is about you showing where you shine.   #12: What can you do for us that other candidates can’t? Try humor. Saying something funny like “Can I interview them first and tell you?” shows you are quick to handle a tough situation and you can think creatively. That is not the answer of course after the laughter say something nice and don‘t trash talk the other candidates. Say something unique about yourself.   #13: What were the responsibilities of your last position? Don’t lie. They can get the real answer from your previous employer. Be clear, short and focus on your unique skills and tasks.   #14: Why are you leaving your present job? Don’t say entitled things like “too far”, “the salary is small” or “my boss hates me”. Instead, say you don’t really see your career evolving there and you would rather transfer to a company where you can grow and evolve.   #15: Do you have any questions for me? Rule number one here is to always ask a question. Ask about the company and the challenges you may expect at your job. Maybe there is a special project he/she mentioned, ask about that too. It shows you were listening while he/she was talking.
Getting a job using your second language Knowing other languages in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely, comes in handy when looking for a new job. Numbers do not lie, today, nearly 60% of job offers require the candidate to master a second language. English and German are taking the lead on the list for the most popular languages required by employers, especially in the areas of engineering, finance, new technologies, and health. However, according to recent surveys from Adecco,  infoempleo  and the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) in Spain, five languages will prevail among job seekers in 2016. To our surprise, these languages are Italian, Portuguese, German, French, and the ever-present English.  An astounding 89.5% of current job offers require a second language, so it is time to get enrolled in the language course of your choice. French is on the list due to the fact that it is the official language of over 30 countries and as one of the five official languages in the United Nations; it also stands out in the touristic and pharmaceutical areas. German — or Europe’s second most spoken language—, stands out in the tourism sector, as well as those languages mentioned above. Perhaps the most shocking fact about this list is to see the “nonna’s” mother tongue on it. Italian has had an impressive boom these last years in Europe, especially in Spain. Brazil’s peak as a first-power economy in Latin America led them to appear in this list and the fact that it is the official language in six countries. The near future looks very promising for Portuguese. Do we really need to say something more to convince you to go ahead and learn a second language? If you need a little extra motivation, Laura Centeno, Country Manager for People Working, indicates that a bilingual person could earn 20% more than those who speak only one language.
Tips for answering interview questions . I am just going to share just 3 tips on answering interview questions. 1. when asked what your reason for leaving is, obviously you cannot bad mouth your current employer but with that being said, PLEASE DO NOT answer with "growth", don't even put that on your CV hoping to elaborate in an interview. Rather say "my company is a small company and career growth opportunities are very limited therefore I would like to join a company that would have a career growth succession plan for the right candidate as I am aiming for (whatever you are aiming for) in my career plan." don't just answer "growth", what does that even mean? or if the reason is different to "growth" you are welcome to contact me and say so, I have an interview with a certain company and tell me your honest reason for wanting a job change I will try and help you construct a better way to phrase your reason for leaving. 2. When asked what are your weaknesses? Try to turn your weakness onto something that someone will view as a positive, do not give an actual weakness. e.g. "My weakness is i am very particular with how things should be done therefore sometimes i find myself doing a task that i should be delegating to an employee because I do not trust they will do it the way I want it being done however i am working on this and have learned to trust the people that I work with that they will deliver accordingly because at the end of the day we are all working towards achieving the same goal"... see that weakens portrays that you still goal-orientated, shows that you are not lazy, however, it is still a weakness when you are employed to be in a position to delegate but you still do things yourself. 3. Tell us about yourself: now this question  # sigh , the interview is not looking to hear about your life story, they do not know you at this point so they just want to know what are you bringing to the table. Tell them how your career has escalated from the ground up and what did you do to achieve that. Show them through a "myself" that if they do not employ you its practically their loss because you are actually a solution, not just another employee they are looking for. Lastly (but not least), be in it to win it. good luck on your next interview, go there, impress, wearing your biggest smile and confidence and make a statement.